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artistshipper's Journal

12 March 1986
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I am utterly uninteresting. Really.

Okay, that I live in Hawaii is perhaps sufficient to elicit passing notice. But the rest- the ADD, the highschool drama, the social ostracism- It's all old hat. I won't bore you with it.
1632, a/x, baldur's gate: imoen, battlestar galatica: cally, belasarius, boomer, buffy the vampire slayer:, chloe (smallville), cleric-theif, clue (the movie), comix wave (studio) movies, dagger, dahakverse, david weber: honorverse, defender, dorthy parker: resume, dromedary, elizibeth moon: esmay, end of the day, ender's game, eric flint: pyramid scheme, escape velocity:, eternal darkness sanity's requiem, eternal sunshine- spotless mind, freelancer: jun'ko zane, frozen heart, giles/jenny, gundam (uc): zeta, homebody, ikiru, j/g, jonathan levinson, keith laumer: bolo, kotor: mission, les miserables: work song, lex, maps in a mirror, marcie ross, master of the house, mean girls, my sassy girl, new horizons, noir: kirika, one perfect rose, orson scott card:, pirates of the carribean, pitch black: carolyn frye, princess bride, read or die, reteif, scoundrel-guardian, sd ggeneration games, shakespeare, speaker for the dead, starcraft: ums maps, stargate sg-1: tollan, the seven samurai, tok'ra, tradingverse, w/x, war in the pocket, warhammer 40k: imperial guard, wyrms